Imagination Floor

Our Town

Sponsored by Dr. Richard and Janine Dreyfus

Take a stroll down the cobblestone path to Our Town! Our Town is a kid sized town and features a doctor’s office, bank and pizza shop!

In Our Town,  kids can be a doctor, nurse, patient, or banker! Kids can look at an X-Ray and learn about bones.  They can count money and make change.

Our Town Bank

Visit Our Town Bank, powered by PNC Grow Up Great, to help children learn pre-math skills, problem solving and critical thinking






Donatos Pizza Shop

Order up! Kids of all ages enjoy this exhibit. Grab your apron and take orders, answer the phone, weigh the dough, pick your toppings, bake the pizza – let your imagination put you to work. Families can learn to cook and eat together at this new shop!

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Wegmans Kids Market


The Wegmans Kids Market is one of the most popular exhibits in the museum. Kids of all ages can shop the aisles and fill their cart with a selection of colorful produce that looks so real, you can almost taste it. Deli, meat, seafood, and bakery departments are filled with highly interactive stations for dramatic role-playing. You can serve coffee from “the Buzz” coffee station or pack up lunch and dinner at the prepared food station.



GE Locomotive

Kids have the chance to get in front of a replica GE locomotive! The locomotive features all the buttons and gears used in a real GE locomotive as well as an interactive space for little ones to build their own track or engage with the train simulator.



World of Oil

This exhibit focuses on viscosity, its applications and properties while engaging visitors with interactive pumps and information on where oil comes from.




The History, Mystery and Magic of Magnets.

Visit 6 interactive stations that show how magnets are used in our everyday life. Test the magnet detector, spin the compass, feel the pull of magnetic fields and listen to the history of where magnets came from.


Experience Theater sponsored by Erie Insurance

Imagine yourself as a princess, pirate, superhero, lion or butterfly and act out a play for all to see! At the expERIEnce theater, you are the star on stage. Sell tickets to friends and family at the box office before the show and take a bow when the show is over.






Air Rocket

Kids are now able to engage in science, engineering and math through our new Air Rocket exhibit! The exhibit will include an air rocket race to the top where users can choose a rocket or build their own, place it on the launch pad, and experience Sir Isaac Newton’s First Law of Motion. Families will explore the effects of varying air pressure to achieve different results and will have the chance to creatively experiment with different rocket designs at the maker station. This exhibit was made possible thanks to our friends at Erie Insurance!

air rocket




Interactive Organ Exhibit

image3The organ exhibit showcases all of the workings of a large church organ. Not only can kids play the organ, but they get to take a look inside at how sound is created. This is truly a one of a kind exhibit – there is not another Children’s Museum in the country that has an organ like this! Thank you to Organ Supply Industries for the generous support and for providing this wonderful exhibit!


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