Purchase your STEAM-to-Go kit today! Each STEAM-to-Go activity kit includes 5 playful hands-on activities, high-quality materials and detailed instructions. Everything has been carefully curated by the ECM education team, the folks you can count on to deliver creative learning!

STEAM-to-Go kit cost:

$50 per kit (non-member)

$45 per kit (member)


  • Upon purchase, instructions for museum pick up will be sent via e-mail.
  • Kits are designed for children ages 5-10 with one child in mind.
  • Detailed kid friendly instructions will include 5 approximately 30 minute activities that may be completed alone or with some support from an adult depending upon the child’s ability.


  • Children’s Book ‘If I Built a House’ by Chris Van Dusen
  • Playdoh circuit tools
  • Build a house/treehouse tech access
  • Engineering manipulatives
  • Dramatic play items
  • Process art supplies
  • 3D-shape house building templates
  • Build a House STEM Journal


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