Cultural Programs


expERIEnce My Home video series!

We partnered with families from different cultures who now live in Erie. Each video introduces you to each of their cultures and lives. Meet kids from India, Puerto Rico, Congo, Syria, Nepal, Bosnia, Palestine, and China!

expERIEnce My Home

Meet Daniel and Demi Tan Yang and their mother. Their parents were born in China and they share their special house plants, calligraphy, a game, food and counting in Chinese.


expERIEnce My Home

Meet Imany, who was born in Bosnia. She shares her love of reading and making art, teaches us some Bosnian words, how to make Bosnian pastry, and demonstrates her prayer ritual. She also talks about her favorite parts of the Museum!


expERIEnce My Home

Meet Sham, a 12-year-old Erieite. Sham’s mother is Palestinian, and her father is Syrian.  Sham tells us about the city of Nazareth (her mother’s home), gives a recipe for lentil soup, teaches us a bit of Arabic, and demonstrates some fabulous dancing.

expERIEnce My Home

Meet the Ghising family. They are Tamang, one of Nepal’s many ethnic groups. They give you a taste of Tamang language, clothing, music, and dance and teach us a little about Buddhism.


expERIEnce My Home

Meet Mustafa and his family from Syria. He will teach you some Arabic words, take you around their house, introduce you to some Syrian food, and show you a dance they do at weddings.

expERIEnce My Home

Meet Bena, Angel, Axel, their other five siblings and their parents from the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Learn to count in Swahili, how they welcome visitors, carry babies, and dance!

expERIEnce My Home
Puerto Rico

Meet Elias and Caleb, two boys from Puerto Rico, and their mother as they teach you some Spanish, model traditional dress, and discuss weather, the Children’s Museum, and their favorite foods!

expERIEnce My Home

Meet Ruhee and her parents from India. She will show you how they celebrate Diwali, the Hindu festival of light with art, beautiful clothes, dancing, snacks and a song.

This project was funded by the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts, and AHN-Saint Vincent Hospital. Support for this program is also provided from an Erie Arts & Culture Project Grant, made possible by community contributions to the United Arts Fund and the Erie Arts Endowment.

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