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Safe and meaningful play is critical to the physical, emotional and social development of every child.

Play-based learning provides opportunities for children to actively and imaginatively engage with people, objects and the environment.

ExpERIEnce the museum inside our four walls, or have the museum come to you!

Play-based learning is an educational approach that incorporates play as a central component of the learning process. It recognizes that children learn best through active engagement and exploration in a meaningful and enjoyable context. As children play, they engage their imagination, take risks, and learn problem-solving to support their development.

Play-based learning can take various forms. For instance, it could involve sensory activities, such as a water table or a sandpit, where children can experiment and discover new textures and properties. It could also involve imaginative play with dress-up clothes or pretend kitchens, allowing children to explore different roles and scenarios while developing their language and social skills.

Mobile Museum Outreaches

We have everything you need during your day of play.

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Special Events

Mobile Exhibits

Let us bring the Museum expERIEnce to you!
Through our Mobile Museum, we can bring engaging STEAM experiences directly to your site.

Three kids playing at the magnet wall by the expERIEnce Children's Museum

Mobile Magnet Wall

Explore slope, cause & effect, momentum and gravity with our interchangeable ball run.

  • 1 Magnetic Wall (72 Inches Long X 31 Inches Wide X 51 Inches High)
  • Magnetic Ramps
  • Non-Magnetic Ramps
  • Walls
  • Rings
  • Cups
  • Tubes
  • Wooden Balls
Chalk spinner by the expERIEnce Children's Museum

Chalk Spinner

Explore creativity and develop coordination and dexterity with our spinning chalkboards.

  • 2 Chalk Spinners (18″ Diameter X 18” High)
  • Chalk
  • Spray Bottles
  • Rags
Flight Lab mobile exhibit toy by the expERIEnce Children's Museum

Flight Lab

Explore flight, air current, and air resistance with our wind tunnel.

  • 1 Flight Lab (56 Inches Long X 25 Inches Wide X 68 Inches High)
  • Colorful Scarves
Girl playing with the maker space exhibit by the expERIEnce Children's Museum

Makers Space

Explore basic coding and ‘making’ with our rolling supply cart.

  • 1 Mobile Makers Station (44 Inches Long X 28.5 Inches Wide X 56 Inches High)
  • 12 Programmable Bee-Bot Robots
  • A Variety Of Loose Parts To Create Unique Mazes For The Robots
Girl playing with rigamajig toy by the expERIEnce Children's Museum


Explore engineering and problem solving with our wooden building kit.

  • 160 Building Pieces
  • Spinning Tops Add On – A Set Of Unique Rigamajig Shapes With A Variety Of Colors And Patterns
Light Lab exhibit photo by the expERIEnce Children's Museum

Light Laboratory

Explore color, hue, and intensity with our interactive light table.

Choose 1:

  • Light Lab Panel With Light Table Building Manipulatives
  • Messy Material Tray
  • Weaving Ring
  • Marble Board And Marbles
  • Drawing Board

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