Entrance Engagements

Explore the first exhibits you’ll see as you enter.

Entrance Engagements



Fun starts from the front door!
Exhibits begin as soon as you enter the expERIEnce Children’s Museum. Explore the first exhibits you’ll see as you enter.

Exhibit Features

There’s a lot to see and do in this exhibit–check out some of these unique activities!


Gear Wall

Play before you enter the museum

AGES: Toddler | Pre-School | Elementary | Middle 

Put on your engineering hat, and turn the gears on the wall to create light, musical sounds with a variety of instruments!


Digital Guest Book

Say Cheese

AGES: Baby | Toddler | Pre-School | Elementary | Middle 

Choose your background to smile with dinosaurs, float in space, and more! Sit in front of the green screen and put your pictures on display for other visitors to say hey.

What Can My Family Do?

Here are activity suggestions to further expand learning and play in this exhibit space.

Acitivities for all ages

  • Harmonize with the musical sounds after you turn the gears
  • Make your silliest face at the Digital Guest Book

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Keep the inspiration, invention, interaction and imagination going.

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