Lake Life

Explore life on Lake Erie with our shores, our ships, our fish, and more!

Lake Life Exhibit



Water is all around us! Explore life on Lake Erie with our shores, our ships, our fish, and more!

Lake Life features a gallery of exhibits sharing the fun of being on Lake Erie. Explore all the unique activities we have at this expERIEnce Children’s Museum exhibit.

Exhibit Features

There’s a lot to see and do in this exhibit–check out some of these unique activities!


Ship Climber

Become a captain and assemble your crew!

  • Science

AGES: Toddler | Pre-School | Elementary | Middle 

Modeled after the Brig Niagara, climb the ship to the top of the slide, change the current with the amazing airwaves, and check out live fish native to Lake Erie.

Shoes must be removed and socks must be worn in climber.

  • Sponsored by Captain Thomas B. Hagen

Water Table

Get ready to splash around!

  • Science
  • Engineering
  • Math

AGES: Toddler| Pre-School | Elementary | Middle 

Get your hands wet with a wide array of Erie-themed water interactives, with space for our youngest to oldest visitors. Be prepared to get a little wet!

  • Sponsored by Value Momentum

Lake Projection

Imagine the floor beneath you coming to life

  • Science
  • Technology
  • Math

AGES: All Ages 

Walk among the fish, while staying dry with a dynamic floor projection.

  • Sponsored by Dr. Michael T. Victor

Ice Table

Explore ice!

  • Science
  • Art

AGES: Pre-School | Toddler | Elementary | Middle 

Fill your own ice molds, create ice sculptures, and dig into our “coolest” exhibit.

  • Sponsored by Ainslee, Declan, Kelly, & Tom Reams

The Bubble

Discover all you can do with bubbles

  • Science
  • Math

AGES: Pre-School | Elementary | Middle

Step into the exhibit space to create a bubble surrounding your body.

  • Sponsored by Accudyn Products

What Can My Family Do?

Further expand learning and play in Lake Life.

Acitivities for all ages

  • Climb aboard the Brig Niagara and share the story of your sailing adventure
  • Jump into our virtual pond to create ripples and count how many fish you see
  • Discuss your favorite part of the Water Table! Explore activities including fishing, splitting logs, creating a dam, testing locks, experimenting with objects in our whirlpool, building cars, and constructing a field of crops for irrigation – then share what you like most.
  • Use various molds at the Ice Table to create your own sculpture
  • Test who can hold their bubble the longest without popping

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