smART Studio

Features a gallery of smaller exhibits focused on celebrating the joy of artistic expression

smART Studio


Immerse yourself in a world where art comes to life through interactive exhibits and hands-on activities. From painting and sculpting to digital art and beyond, smART Studio invites you to explore the endless possibilities of artistic expression. 

Exhibit Features

There’s a lot to see and do in this exhibit–check out some of these unique activities!


Open Studio

Artistic freedom unleashed!

  • Art

AGES: Baby | Toddler | Pre-School | Elementary | Middle

With an array of art materials at your disposal, you’re free to explore and create nixed media masterpieces. Dive into a world of creativity and unleash your inner artist!

Sponsored by Ronald McDonald House Charities


Stop Animation

Lights, camera, animate

  • Technology
  • Art

AGES: Elementary | Middle

Piece together scenes with backgrounds and characters to craft your very own short-form video. Let your creativity shine as you bring your ideas to life frame by frame! 



Bike Spin Art

Pedal Picasso

  • Science
  • Art

AGES: Pre-School | Elementary | Middle

Hop on a bike, or push the pedals, and unleash your inner artist at our Spin Art exhibit! Using just paper and paint, harness centripetal force as you pedal to create vibrant, one-of-a-kind spin art designs.

Photo courtesy of Touring Plans Blog


City Create

Metropolis Magic: Design & Watch

  • Technology
  • Art

AGES: Toddler | Pre-School | Elementary | Middle

Simply color in various aspects of the town, scan your creation, and watch as it comes to life, driving into the vibrant cityscape. Unleash your urban planning skills and let your imagination run wild!

Sponsored by Pressed Books & Coffee

Photo courtesy of Children’s Creativity Museum


Mini Masterpiece

Unlock Artistic Brilliance

  • Technology
  • Art

AGES: Toddler | Pre-School | Elementary | Middle

Whether you’re recreating famous works using coloring page guidelines or expressing yourself freely, test your artistic eye and create your own gallery-worthy masterpieces.

What Can My Family Do?

Further expand learning and play in My Erie

Activities for all ages

  • Produce unique works of art using various art materials 
  • Grab your characters, unleash your imagination and bring your story to life one frame at a time 
  • Pedal your way to create swirling masterpieces 
  • Test your hand as the assembly line painter of all things that go and watch as your design comes to life in our virtual city 
  • Become an artist’s apprentice and reimagine famous works of art on our larger-than-life easel

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