Tinkering Tank

Features a gallery of smaller exhibits focused on sharing the fun of invention

Tinkering Tank



Dive into a world of invention and creativity, where real world inventions empower you to design and bring your own innovative ideas to life. 

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Exhibit Features

There’s a lot to see and do in this exhibit–check out some of these unique activities!


Invention Cabinets

Exploring PA’s creations

AGES: Elementary | Middle

Explore the fascinating world of Pennsylvania inventions showcased in our Invention Cabinets exhibit! From groundbreaking creations to everyday marvels, discover the ingenuity that shaped our state and beyond. 


Demo Tables

Creating inventions together

  • Science
  • Engineering
  • Art
  • Math

AGES: Elementary | Middle

Get hands-on at our Demo Tables exhibit, where budding inventors gather materials to assemble their own creations.



Invent - It Pitch Screen

Sell your idea here

  • Technology

AGES: Elementary | Middle

Bring your invention to life and pitch it at our Invent-It Pitch Screen exhibit! Record your sales pitch, watch it back, and let it loop for others to see while they create.


Erie Rube Goldberg

Erie's Fun-Filled Contraption Chaos

  • Science
  • Math

AGES: Pre-School | Elementary | Middle

Activate wild chain-reaction contraptions using everyday objects in our Erie Rube Goldberg Screen exhibit! Explore Erie’s fun facts and mathematical marvels sprinkled throughout the exhibit as you watch the movements of simple machines come to life.

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What Can My Family Do?

Further expand learning and play in our Tinkering Tank

Activities for all ages

  • Learn about the history of inventions made in Erie and surrounding areas 
  • Tinker with a variety of recycled materials 
  • Create your own one-of-a-kind invention 
  • Use the invent it booth to share your invention with the world 
  • Explore a variety of simple machines and test your hand at building a chain reaction

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