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Field Trips

Field Trips

Field Trips to the expERIEnce Children’s Museum are a great way to engage students, while infusing knowledge into play, across a broad range of topics including language arts, math, science, health, art, history and culture!

For large group visits to the museum, please contact Ashley at ashley@eriechildrensmuseum.org


  • Cost of $8 per child, a minimum of 10 children are required for the discounted rate to apply
  • Chaperones are required (5:1 student to chaperone)
  • One free chaperone will be admitted for every 5 paying students
    • One free chaperone will be admitted for every 3 paying students in the case of special needs classrooms
  • Payment is due no later than the day of field trip and must be made for the entire group
  • Anyone paying separately from the group will pay full admission rate of $10.00

Museum Manners:

  • Walking feet only
  • Inside voices
  • Put items back where they belong
  • Stay with your group
  • Have fun!

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