Framed: Step into Art

March 6th, 2018

The expERIEnce Children’s Museum is excited to be starting the New Year with the opening of the traveling exhibit, Framed: Step into Art. Thanks to a project grant from Erie Arts & Culture, this unique and interactive exhibit has made its way to Erie for families to enjoy through mid-May.

Step into Art, which is on loan from the Minnesota Children’s Museum, aims to teach children how artists throughout history have used the elements of visual art to tell their stories. The exhibit includes five larger than life scenes that recreate famous paintings from John Singer Sargent, Diego Rivera, Grant Wood, Clementine Hunter, and da Vinci.

The Children’s Museum is thrilled that Step into Art will be many children’s first introduction to the art world. By presenting the famous paintings in a “look and touch” environment, children can learn in ways that are both self-directed and stimulating. They can experience Hunter’s folk-art imagery in her painting Big Chicken by riding on the back of a larger than-life chicken, draw a portrayal of the Mona Lisa, and study nature in a camping tent inspired by Sargent’s Camping at Lake O’Hara.

The exhibit includes historical information about each artist that explain what inspired their creativity. Multiple kid-friendly art history books are provided, so families can take time to read and discuss the art pieces. Step into Art also includes additional hands-on creative stations, like a kaleidoscope art screen and a gallery wall where kids can curate their own exhibit.

 “This exhibit encourages children to make a personal connection with art and allows them to have fun and ask questions. The interactive experience that Framed provides is likely the first step in fostering a lifelong appreciation and understanding of art” said Ainslie Brosig, the Museum’s Executive Director.

 Step into Art officially opened to the public on January 26th. Be sure to visit Step into Art at the expERIEnce Children’s Museum before it leaves on May 13, 2018.