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FIXED Home Handyman Services


FIXED founders, Bob and Desiree Troutner, are passionate about resolving your pain points. The small home repair and maintenance industry is currently broken and FIXED is here to “FIX” it.

Homeowners struggle to schedule minor home repairs and have them completed by professional, skilled handymen technicians in a convenient, efficient, and cost-effective manner. By introducing its “UBER” inspired, technology into a traditionally manual industry, FIXED offers a mutually beneficial home handyman experience for both the homeowner AND the technician.


Adagio Health


Adagio Health and its network of partners provide reproductive health care services at low or no cost to approximately 35,000 patients annually. Adagio Health serves a population of individuals with diverse ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds.


ASCEND Climbing Gym


ASCEND Climbing Gym strives to provide the best climbing and fitness experience for our customers. The space is one that fosters community and belonging, by being more than just a climbing gym: it’s a “third place” where customers can feel just as comfortable as they do at their workplace and their home, and where customers want to simply be.


Erie Federal Credit Union


When you join Erie Federal Credit Union, you become a member not a customer. As a member owner, the focus is on serving you and your financial needs. Unlike banks, credit union profits are returned to you through better rates and lower fees. Erie FCU was formed to serve our members, not to earn profits for shareholders.

Puptopia Training and Trims


Puptopia Training and Trims is dedicated to improving the lives of dogs whether it be regarding grooming, training, sports, or behavior problems. Puptopia’s team consists of experienced certified professional dog trainers, AKC judges, and those who have experience in therapy dog work. Not to mention, Puptopia has expert dogs on their team to help other dogs in training  become the best possible versions of themselves.

Erie Dance Conservatory 


At the Erie Dance Conservatory, we are dedicated to nurturing the student’s development into a dancer through a positive and progressive curriculum. We gradually teach our students to explore the correlation between their bodies and proper dance technique, placement, and coordination – the natural navigation of the body. Erie Dance Conservatory offers individuals of all ages the most professional dance training available.

Vybe Queenz LLC 


Vybe Queenz LLC is a powerhouse collective that transcends the boundaries of movement, fusing precision, style, and flair. United by a common love for the dance floor, these talented individuals come together to create an electrifying experience that captivates audiences and leaves a lasting impression. Vybe Queenz is more than just a dance team, it’s a celebration of diversity, empowerment, and self-expression. Each member brings a unique flavor to the collective, contributing to a tapestry of talent that is as diverse as it is harmonious.

Therapy Dogs United 


Therapy Dogs United, Inc. is a 501(c)3 public charity operating solely on funding from public and private donations, fundraising events, charitable grants, therapy dog test fees and annual membership dues. We do not, and we have never, charged a fee for our services, nor do we receive payment for the therapy dog visits our volunteer handlers make.

DreamBuilders Sensory Playspace


Welcome to Erie’s first Sensory Playspace! This group is your portal to a world of wonder, creativity, and fun for your little ones. More than just a playspace, we’re a community dedicated to nurturing young minds through engaging, sensory-friendly experiences. DreamBuilders offers workshops, themed parties, and special events all designed to spark joy and ignite imaginations. Our goal is to foster creativity in your children, from play-based learning activities to tips for imaginative play at home, connect with other parents and guardians, share experiences, and build friendships, and share your thoughts, ideas, and suggestions for future events and activities.

Erie Redevelopment Authority


Since 1955, the Redevelopment Authority of the City of Erie has striven to renew, rebuild, and revitalize the City of Erie, Pennsylvania — from downtown to neighborhoods and neighborhood business districts with the ultimate goal to have safer homes, and a sounder community.

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